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We are an internal medicine practice located in Johns Creek, Georgia, and part of the Emory Healthcare Network.  Doctors of internal medicine, or internists, are physicians who specialize in the prevention, detection and treatment of illnesses in adults.  The first and foremost commitment of our practice is to see and engage each person we care for as a whole person:  that means taking the time to listen and get to know each patient’s history and offering preventive advice and care, not just after-the-fact treatments and procedures.  To offer the most comprehensive care that we can, we have a variety of on-site screening and diagnostic services for patients ages 18 and up, including:  x-rays, bone density measurement, EKGs, ultrasounds and blood lab tests. The heart of our medical practice, however, is our physicians.  Between them, Dr. Christopher Kang and Dr. Linda Idun have decades of experience providing complete, compassionate care for people in major-hospital-settings in the United States, South Korea and Ghana.  Dr. Kang and Dr. Idun are Health1Care — focused on quality medical care, healing one at a time.

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저희내과병원은조지아주존스크릭에위치고있습니다. 일반적으로내과전문의란, 성인을대상으로질병의예방, 검진, 그리고치료를전문으로하는의료진을뜻합니다. 저희병원에서는사실만을바탕으로하는단편적치료가아닌, 한층더나아가환자각한분, 한분께충분한시간적여유를가지고귀기울일수있는전인적치료를최우선으로생각하고, 그에앞서나가도록주력하고있습니다. 환자분들께좀더포괄적인진료와편리함을드리고자, 저희병원에서는 18세이상성인남녀분들께X-ray 를포함, 골밀도정밀검사, 심전도, 초음파, 수면장애검사등을비롯한다양한검진과, 진단이한곳에서이루어질수있도록준비되어있습니다. Dr.강창석원장님과Dr. Idun 선생님은수십년동안대형종합병원과미국, 한국, 가나등각나라에서쌓아올리신풍부한경험을바탕으로환자분들께진심을담은의료서비스를제공해주실것입니다. 저희HEALTH 1 CARE 에서강창석원장님과Dr. IDUN 선생님의한분한분정성을다하시는고품격진료를받아보세요.

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